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Helping Keep Families Safe Since 2006

Hello and thank you for visiting FDSP. We have 2 other websites with varying products but nonetheless we can process your orders through Paypal or Googlecheckout in case you have any questions. Our 2 websites, (1 of which should be considered a online catalog), will be listed on our contact page. You will notice that this site only has 5 items in our webstore. This is because we're somewhat in a beta phase & to simplify the product selection as well as give you an idea what sort of company we are. If you want to read more details of FDSP please click on the "About" link on the screen. We look forward to any questions you may have & being your prime choice in preparing for whatever lies ahead for 2012 and beyond. Want to be a dealer or get 10-20% off long term storage food pricing then you REALLY need to contact us because these next few oncoming years appears to get a bit rougher than the previous ones.

Update: We've participated in the fundraising of the Kermit Gosnell Movie Project which is still in production. Prior to that we had also supported the  "Gray State" film which is currently placed on hold. For a much more updated site please check us out at

Well 12/21/12 & the Final Blood Moon has passed & yet here we still are, but could this date be the beginning of turmoil for humanity, a new stage in the time cycle of our earth, or simply what Europe had experienced during the Renaissance with The Age of Enlightenment? Regardless, we have scientists coming forward with new information about our earthly home & our solar system on a weekly basis. We have our own government preparing for some major event, but yet aren't open to tell us how to prepare for it. WELL I INVITE YOU TO PREPARE WITH F.D.S.P. 

Please tell your family, neighbors, friends, co-workers, fellow church members, anybody about us. Tell them you want to prepare & build a cohesive community in survival when times get really rough. Learn a skill, have a cache ready, buy silver & gold, store water in 5-gallon bottles or even better in a food grade 1000L Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC). Do something that will improve you & your family's chances. Especially with a looming "fiscal cliff". Experts/Analysts have said that the moment the interest rate goes up the value of the dollar will go down.

If you have a yard build a storm shelter. You may even be eligible for a credit from your county if you do. Such as in Dallas,TX where they cover the cost up to a certain level of their citizens building a storm shelter. 

Get yourself informed. Visit non mainstream sites and official ones like Infowars, AboveTopSecret, FreedomInfoNetwork, TheDrudgeReport, Huffington Post, FEMA, DHS, or even the CDC. They have a bunch of useful information, links, videos, books, & expertly written articles from professionals in the industry,