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Helping Keep Families Safe Since 2006

We have 2 other websites, (1 of them is more like an online catalog), which will be listed in our contact page. Due to having access to over 100 companies in the safety, security, & CCTV industry it is pretty tough for us to catalog all the products we carry. We are SBA, Dun & Bradstreet  listed & currently working on being certified with both C.E.R.T. & FEMA. 

We'd be happy to be an option as a source in fundraising for schools, organizations, & churches. It is important that citizens know how to prepare for any negative event that may occur in our country.

In June/July of 2012 there was a  survey released stating that half or just over half of Americans are ill prepared for a natural disaster. A few of the reasons were that citizens feel they can rely on our government (think of failures on Katrina), they don't think about it much, unable to afford the supplies, or don't have the time.  SOURCE: Adelphi University, news release, July 16, 2012

To review the information just do a search for "recent survey stated that over half of americans are not prepared for a disaster". Your neighbors, your coworkers, even your friends may think you're paranoid, foolish, or a "nutjob"......If protecting your family & yourself is crazy then you need only to reassure yourself that its better to be "SAFE than sorry".

Don't be seen as a potential victim, but be known as a survivor.

1 of the most cost effective & affordable ways to improve your chances in an assault is our keychain pepper sprays. There's no real training needed unlike taking martial arts classes that cost much more & take longer to build your strength and technique to defend from an attack. However, it does help having some self defense courses in order to help build the confidence you need when your out and about with a can of pepper spray. 

We do not guarantee that our products will prevent death or dismemberment, but they will improve you chances of defending yourself when you need to if you have the mentality of what you have to do & be able to correctly use 1 of our products during an intense moment. Most of our products won't kill, but they'll make a crappy day for that "would be" attacker should they decide to pick you as their target.

Portions of your purchase on either or or email special custom orders will go towards the production of this independent film. The concept trailer is now on YouTube. This film needs to be made & shown to all those that need to awaken to the activities around us. This film would do just that. Any questions please don't hesistate to contact us.